What a great weekend of racing we just had. With perhaps the exception of F grade, with only one rider, each grade was competitive and saw a bit of action over the two days and three events.

Racing on Saturday started at Breadalbane with riders leaving every 30 seconds and riding the 5 Km TT into a relatively stiff wind. Judging by the photos (check out the ACT Vets facebook page), many elected not to go into a fully tucked aero position which left those that did often a minute to the good of their competition. The flat start at Bredalbane was well received along with the excellent hall there that allowed riders to hide from the wind between the TT and 50Km road race.

The Road race started bang on time at 11:30 with riders riding towards the turn at Breadalbane before riding past the start/finish and into the distance heading for Gunning. The key for the 50 K race appeared to be the riders approach to the KOM point after making the turn at Gunning. With the KOM positioned at the top of the straight, the KOM Marshals took great delight watching a red mist descend on some riders as they went for the points far far too early! Many also seem to expect the climbers to sit up at the KOM but in a few grades they pushed over the top to take advantage of a peloton nullifying tail wind. I found it particularly wonderful to see all those smiles out on course and a lot of ribbing going on after the race. First timers told me they really enjoyed the course and those more experienced hands seemed to appreciate the flat start at Breadalbane and tailwind home.

Sunday dawned as a perfect day to race…

We only had three non starters from the previous days racing. It was clear from the start that no riders had planned a break way and the only repeated attacks reportedly came from Damian Copeland in B grade (who received an honourable mention at the presentation). Whilst a few tried breaks, these were generally quickly reeled in, the exception being A grade which splintered into three groups. At one stage the second group in A grade (Seymour Savell-Boss and David Dickson) could almost smell the leading group of Brendan Byatt and Christophe Barberet only 10 seconds away before the gap blew out again at the finish with most other grades crossing the line together.

I’d really like to thank the marshals for volunteering and the many people who contacted me to say that they were available but who were not needed. Your marshals for Saturday were Micheal Fawke, Owain Tilley, Bob Miller, Sue Powell and on Sunday, Kim Malcolm, John McMaster, Kev Hennessy and David Gunther. Brian Peak, Paul Robey and Jim Anderson did both days along with, of course, Graham Hendrie, the results specialist and expert van driver. Thanks also to Bob Miller for the photos on Saturday (the photographer on Sunday was awful and won’t be employed in that capacity again!) Ian McVay for organising the hall, Kim Malcolm for the medals and Phill Coulton for administrative leg work and BBQ.

Gunning 2018 Results

The winners

 a2018gunning  b2018gunning.jpg
A Grade: Brendan Byatt, Christophe Barberet, Seymour Savell-Boss B Grade: Rohan Verco, Nick Boylan, Patrick McNamara
 c2018gunning.jpg  Missing
C Grade: Tim Brown, Adam Potts, Ross MacPherson D Grade: Brian Chugg, Michael Hanbury, Anthony Beasley
 e2018gunning.jpg  f2018gunning.jpg
E Grade: Alex Sommariva, Donald de SMET, Kirsti McVay F Grade: Brandie O’Connor
G Grade: Bernard Crowe, Lynne McGregor


Dougal Torrance