The survey is for cyclists aged 30 and over in the ACT and surrounding region, who have an interest in cycle-racing. Responses are anonymous. We would like to hear from all of the following groups:

  • Current ACTVCC members (whether involved in the racing program or not)
  • Former ACTVCC members
  • Members of other ACT cycling clubs
  • Anyone with an interest in cycle-racing

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The survey will close on Wednesday 25 November 2020.

More about the survey and the ACTVCC evaluation

The ACTVCC Committee is interested in better understanding how we can engage with our membership and broader target group, to identify what works well and what can be improved. This will help the Committee to make informed decisions to respond to the needs and interests of members.

The Committee has engaged an external evaluator, Erin Barry, to conduct evaluation activities to seek feedback from members, former members and other cyclists in the ACT community who are interested in racing. This will help us to understand the barriers and enablers to race participation by members, including how we could better engage female members in the racing program.

As part of the evaluation, Erin will be conducting:

  • An online survey of current and former members, as well as cyclists who are not members (see below for more information) during November 2020
  • Phone or video individual interviews during December and January
  • Online focus group with female ACTVCC members during December or January
  • Desktop review of existing data and documentation, including previous evaluation data

If you are interested in participating in an interview or the focus group during December or January, please contact Erin on or 0431 100 847.

The evaluation will be completed by March 2021.

Ethical considerations

This evaluation complies with Australasian Evaluation Society Guidelines for the Ethical Conduct of Evaluations. Informed consent will be sought from individuals participating in the survey, interviews and focus group. The survey is anonymous. Contributions from evaluation participants in interviews and focus groups will be de-identified in order to protect their identities, noting the limits of confidentiality within the cycling community and the ACT as a small jurisdiction.

Through working collaboratively with the ACTVCC Committee, the evaluation will seek to ensure transparent and accountable processes to account for any potential or perceived conflicts of interest.