Performance and age based handicapping is used to ensure riders find a fair but challenging grade to race in.

The movement of riders up and down grades is encouraged. It ensures enjoyable, competitive racing with the correct balance between grades. Grades are reviewed regularly by the handicapper and race committee.

For more information or to request a grade change, contact

Moving up grades

  • You will be moved up a grade if you regularly finish in the top three or are clearly the strongest in your current grade
  • You are encouraged to request a move to higher grades if you feel ready
  • This can be done on race day – just ask to ‘move up’ when registering

Moving down grades

  • You can request a move down a grade if you are regularly dropped from the bunch or if you are returning from injury
  • You need do this before race day – it cannot be done during race day registration

Other important info

  • A rider who ‘rides down’ from their allocated grade should not contest the race finish in the lower grade
  • For ‘handicap’ events where riders start alone or in groups, the handicapper will determine your start position based on recent performance
  • All grading and handicapping decisions are at the discretion of the handicapper