We run a range of road races including; handicaps, graded scratch races, time trials and criteriums. Road races are held throughout the year and are generally about 40 to 50 km.

Guidelines for competitors

Race fees

All races have a $10 entry fee. The fee is paid when registering on race day.


You must wear a helmet that complies with the AS 2063 standard.

Race briefings

Just before the start of all races the race director will provide a briefing. You must attends these and you must also observe any instructions or warnings.

Racing on public roads

All events run by the club on public roads are approved by the police and relevant local government authorities. During the race it is important that competitors comply with the normal road rules. Riders must remain on the correct side of the road; do not cross the centerline.

Winter and summer seasons

The racing year is split into two seasons:

  • Summer races are on Sunday mornings (October to March)
  • Winter races are on Saturday afternoon (March to October)

Point score trophies are presented at the end of the summer and winter seasons. Members accrue points for each road race they enter.

Disc brakes

Disc brakes are allowed in all Vets road races including Crits.

Search the RMS (Race Management System) for your current points

Detailed race rules

The ACT Vets uses the rules as detailed in the AVCC’s Racing Rules and Regulations (as adopted 13th May 2015). This covers both track and road racing.

Racing at the Stromlo Club Championship
Imagecourtesy of Tim Minehan